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1952 – Instrumental tango

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This Spotify instrumental tango compilation highlights one of my favorite periods of tango, the early 1950’s, and in this case especially the year 1952. There must’ve been something special going on since so many orchestras reached some kind of a second peak in the power, danceability and quality of their instrumental tango recordings. Only song from this list that I’d probably exclude from being great for social dancing is Francini-Pontier’s “Contratiempo”, but it serves as an interesting look into how the more avantgarde approach to tango music was developing in the early 50’s.


I’ve also added the links to the iTunes Store search results for every song. When purchasing the song make sure you are buying the correct version! If you click on the name of the orchestra or the song itself on the list below – you will be taken to the website, where you can study discographies of tango orchestras.



1. Juan D’Arienzo – “El puntazo” – iTunes Store
2. Rodolfo Biagi – “El recodo” – iTunes Store
3. Mario Demarco – “Mal de amores” – iTunes Store
4. Carlos Di Sarli – “La cachila” – iTunes Store
5. Héctor Varela – “Champagne tango” – iTunes Store
6. Alfredo De Angelis – “Cuando llora la milonga” – iTunes Store
7. Domingo Federico – “Leyenda gaucha” – iTunes Store
8. Pedro Laurenz – “Amurado” – iTunes Store
9. Aníbal Troilo – “Quejas de bandoneón” – iTunes Store
10. Alfredo J. Gobbi – “Nueve puntos” – iTunes Store
11. Enrique Francini, Armando Pontier – “Contratiempo” – iTunes Store
12. Osvaldo Pugliese – “La yumba” – iTunes Store