DJ Antti Suniala

DJ Antti Suniala

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You can learn a lot about a DJ from simply asking them what are their TOP5 most played orchestras? Sure we all play all kinds of music with great variation and some “once a night special tandas” to showcase our skills and personality… but what is at the core of our musical taste and what do we like to play the most?


I made a short statistic from the last six sets I had played and the results are below! These five orchestras made up for a total of 60% of all the tango tandas I played.


I hope this gives you a good picture of what you can expect to hear when I play!

Tango Tandas

Juan D'Arienzo 0

Anibal Troilo 0

Carlos Di Sarli 0

Miguel Caló 0

Osvaldo Pugliese 0

Combined 0