DJ Antti Suniala

DJ Antti Suniala

Helsinki Milonga Weekend – 27.-29.11. 2015

We’ve had a bit of a rough year in the finnish argentine tango community with unfortunate events leading to the cancellation of the next Tango Frostbite festival in 2016. However, even though we might be more divided, our scene is stronger than ever. There are more dancers, lessons and teachers than ever before and great events like the “Tangosauna” marathon and the “World of tango” festival have brought dancers, DJ’s and orchestras from around the world and raised the bar with their superb organizing, high quality programs and most of all – the warm atmosphere.


Now for the next big thing – The Helsinki Milonga Weekend, which was held last weekend in the end of November at the El Ático studio. The concept is simple and somewhat marathonesque, as the numerous milongas all held in the same space from Thursday until late Sunday have you dancing until your feet scream for mercy… and beyond. However there is no registration and the HMW showcased the best of what Finland has to offer and besides the warm up milonga of Thursday, which featured DJ Nikita Divissenko from Estonia, all of the line up was made up of finnish DJ’s. The weekend is very low-key, no teachers or special program…. just our studio, best DJ’s and you, the dancer and the tango addict.


I had the honor of the DJ raffle placing me as the opening DJ for Friday. My Traktor Pro was pimped up with my new Traktor Kontrol Z1 mixer and the floor filled fairly quickly with a nicely balanced group of dancers from Finland and abroad – many of them were 3rd or 4th time visitors that have hopelessly fallen for the northern embraces and hospitality. The most popular milongas of the weekend had about 150 dancers and it was the perfect amount for the space, making it packed but still comfortable. Besides plenty of great music and dancing the dancers were catered with a lot of amazing food as well. The brunch buffet was extraordinary and even the potluck on Saturday evening was a huge success with many of the dancers bringing plenty of food and sweets to share with the others.


Our scene is alive and better than ever before. Already, the dates are set for the second edition of Helsinki Milonga Weekend on the Valentine’s Day weekend on 12th to 14th of February in 2016. The third edition of TangoSauna is happening on the 17th to 19th of June and the 10th anniversary of the World of Tango festival will be in September. Sooner or later, Frostbite will be making a return as well. I warmly welcome you all to visit Finland and our events and community!


Below are photos I took in the Saturday afternoon milonga. You can see more of my photos from HMW on Facebook.



dj antti suniala

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